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Conscious Sedation

Procedures / Gentle Dentistry

For some patients going to a dental office for treatment is very difficult. They may have had unpleasant experiences in the past in either a dental or medical office. Or they may have friends or relatives who have had negative experiences that were magnified and conveyed to them second hand.

They often wait until a problem gets progressively worse and then in extreme pain and after a sleepless night they scramble to get an emergency appointment in a busy office. Often that appointment does not go well but perhaps the immediate problem is at least partially resolved. Then the patient retreats into a defensive mode of no more elective visits.

Conscious Sedation Gives You A Choice

It gives you the opportunity to break out of the vicious cycle of pain and avoidance.

At your first visit (non emergency), we do not perform any treatment. We are listening to your medical and dental history, examining your teeth and jaws, taking digital radiographs of your teeth and giving you a video tour of your mouth. Your treatment plan can be outlined at that time The pharmacology and dose regimen for conscious sedation for future treatment can be discussed at this time. It will be necessary for a responsible adult to drive you to and from the office whenever you receive conscious sedation.

*Conscious Sedation - The purpose of conscious sedation dentistry is to establish a calm and relaxed patient who is free of anxiety. This patient will be co-operative and amenable to treatment in a dental office setting. The patient may be sleepy but does not go to sleep. All of the patient's protective reflexes remain intact including the ability to clear and maintain their airway; that is, normal breathing remains intact.